Cusco, Maras

Maras, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas is located 40 Km north of Cusco.  The area is famous for it’s salt ponds which exist since pre-inca times. Pink salt is hand-harvested by local families during the dry season.  Add to salads/vegetables and meats to give a delicious taste and extra crunch.



Coastal city northwest of Peru, only 30 km of the Ecuadorean border.  Great opportunity to visit amazing beaches and most importantly, to eat the freshest fish and shellfish.


Peruvians consider ceviche a national dish.  This mixture of marinated fish, limes and chillies dates back from the pre-Inca times according to some theories. Citric fruit (Tambo) and fermented corn beer (Chicha de Jora) were use as a marinade.  The arrival of the Spanish contributed with the addition of limes and onions as part of the Mediterranean tradition.